Women of the Otherworld 10 : Frostbitten

The Alaskan wilderness is a harsh landscape in the best of conditions, but with a pack of rogue werewolves on the loose, it's downright deadly. When Elena Michaels, the Pack's chief enforcer, hears of a series of gruesome maulings and murders outside Anchorage, she and her husband Clay go to hunt down the dangerous werewolves. Trapped in this savage, untamed winter realm, they learn more about their own werewolf heritage than they bargained for. Descriptions of sex and violence, strong language.

Langue originale : 
Editeur : 
Toronto : Random House Canada, 2009
Support : 
Daisy audio
Durée : 
(11 hrs., 44 min.)
Adaptation : 
Institut national canadien pour les aveugles (ABC)
Tranche d'âge : 
13 ans et plus

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