Straphanger : how subways, buses and trains are saving our cities from the empire of the automobile

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As oil prices soar and suburbs continue to sprawl, Grescoe hits the commuter road in a global quest to understand and illuminate the challenges of the post-automobile age. Ultimately, Straphanger’s subject is the city, and it offers a global tour of alternatives to car-based living, told through encounters with bicycle commuters, subway engineers, idealistic mayors and disillusioned trolley campaigners. Along the way, Grescoe meets libertarian apologists for the automobile, urbanists who defend suburban sprawl, champions of buses, rapid transit and light rail, and planners fighting to liberate cities from the empire of the automobile.

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Toronto : HarperCollins, 2012
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Daisy audio
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(23 hrs., 5 min.)
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Institut national canadien pour les aveugles (ABC)
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