Jasper John Dooley 03 : Not in love

Jasper is struggling to deal with the excessive attentions of his classmate Isabel, who just won't leave him alone. She even invites him over for a playdate! When Jasper complains to his parents that he's too sick to go to her house, his dad says he must have a case of "girl-itis." However, once he arrives, Jasper is thrilled to discover that Isabel has a trampoline that is just awesome fun to use. Can Jasper find some way to keep using her trampoline and yet get her to stop being in love with him?

Langue originale : 
Editeur : 
Toronto : Kids Can Press, 2014
Support : 
Daisy audio
Durée : 
(1 hrs., 44 min.)
Adaptation : 
Institut national canadien pour les aveugles (ABC)
Tranche d'âge : 
5 à 8 ans

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