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Vero and her husband Shane have moved out of the sweet suite above his parents' garage and found themselves smack in the middle of adulthood - two kids, two cars, two jobs. They are not coping well. In response to their looming domestic breakdown, Vero and Shane get live-in help with their sons - a woman from the Philippines named Ligaya. Vero justifies Ligaya’s role in their home by insisting that she is part of their family, and she goes to great lengths in order to ease her conscience. But differences persist; Vero grapples with her role as a mother and struggles to keep her marriage passionate, while Ligaya silently bears the burden of a secret she left behind at home.

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Vancouver : Arsenal Pulp Press, 2014
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Daisy audio
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(10 hrs., 2 min.)
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Institut national canadien pour les aveugles (ABC)
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Extrait sonore